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***UPDATE – Book is being revised and expected to be republished in early 2020***

I Think, Therefore I Plan: Mastering the methods and meditations of project management“.  Maybe you took the PMP® or are studying for it and are still bewildered? What is this thing called project management that I have to do and WHY is it worth it? This is a philosophical question and in general, people in the field don’t really answer it. Is it worthwhile to discuss the philosophy of project management? Absolutely! Then why are there so few, if any, books out there that discuss this topic in detail?

The problem is that in modern project management, the approach taken to articulating its discipline, practices and theoretical framework has been dominated from the methodological perspective. In other words, the only question really asked is the “how” (or which method to use) of project management, which has caused the field to be narrowly focused on how to use methods, processes and tools, and not enough on the deep philosophical thinking, acquisition of tacit knowledge and development of emotional intelligence (EQ) skills that are critical for successfully utilizing those methods in an efficient and effective manner.

Therefore, I will argue that you need to master not only the”how” (methods) of managing projects, but the “why” (meditations) as well. And by meditation, I’m not referring to the popular notion of sitting with legs crossed, palms turned upward, eyes closed and chanting positive thoughts, but as the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as a means “to engage in contemplation or reflection: focus one’s thoughts on something so as to understand it deeply”. In other words, it’s a form of conscious meditative mindfulness that will allow you to act decisively and effectively AND to understand deeply, the reasoning for that action.

This book will discuss how the methods and meditation practices work hand in hand to allow one to obtain mastery in project management. This book fulfills this need like no other in the industry!

Here’s a podcast with the Don Kim describing the book, as well as the implications of being a “philosophical-artisan” project manager and the limits of the PMP:

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Sex, Lies & Philosophy: The genealogy of the Will-To-Desire and its discontent“: In a world where the majority of our material needs are met that will only increase as more of the work needed to support that materialism gets efficiently automated away (through robotics and AI for example), what remains is simply the desire or what I like to call the “Will-To-Desire” for some purpose in life that cannot be fulfilled or sustained by current means.  As of now we live vicariously in a world that is fueled by a “fetishism of consumption”.  In other words, we work the majority of our lives to buy and consume things we largely do not need, that in turn leaves us with a feeling of perpetual dissatisfaction, that drives us to desire more things.  In the end, we largely have no idea why we keep working so hard to perpetuate this cycle.

But should this cycle stop, the economy as we know it now would effectively stop!  So what do we really desire?  That is the ultimate question that needs to be answered.

What people throughout history have done is to perpetuate “myths” or what I think is outright lies as to what constitutes “value” that misdirects our desire, whether it is such notions as a “fulfilling career”, “material wealth”, “happy marriage” and of course “sexual desire”.  Sex as a purely biologically functional mechanism is pretty mundane as it is used to procreate our species by passing along our genetic markers through a randomized paring of 23 base paired strands of DNA for each sex.

But unlike other sexual creatures, we have found a way through intelligence to abstract, subjugate and evolve this biological imperative driven by sex into a form of pure conceptualized desire to the point we are no longer aware of it, yet the underlying Will-To-Desire motivates and perpetuates almost everything that we as humans do.  But it is the self-deception that manifests into a overall social or cultural deception that constantly makes us feel betrayed and dissatisfied.

This multi-volume book will be an attempt to peel away like an onion, the layers upon layers of misconception, ignorance and social-self deception so as to reveal the core essence of what this Will-To-Desire is, and to decide if all the effort is worth it.  Such a process can be both liberating but also tearful, but in the end, personal transformation and overcoming is never without exposure, vulnerability and suffering.  Such suffering need not always be about hardships, but can be a joyful suffering!  It is the path to self-liberation.

Through rigorous philosophical inquiry, experimental narratives and good old fashion storytelling, this will be an intellectual experience like no other, that will allow you to come to grips with your own authenticated desires, so that your body, mind and soul find harmony, integration and equilibrium.

Expected publication: 2020, Volume One.

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